Industries - Nuclear

Solcom has been providing control and measurement solutions for the nuclear and radio-pharmaceutical industries for over 15 years.

Radio-Pharmaceutical - Solcom provides and supports industrial control systems for this international industry.

Having delivered an extensive range of manufacturing and R&D control and measurement systems Solcom has the experience necessary for this sector. The application areas include chemical preparation, dilution, dispense, measurement, sorting, tracking, labelling, RFID, QC, vision inspection, storage, hospital dispensing, safety and packaging of isotopes for healthcare. Time critical production systems are covered by our 24 x 7 remote support and call out team.

The finished products have been used in many areas including brachytherapy, PET, technetium generators, gamma imaging and R&D.

The radionuclides include Technetium-99m, Iodine-123 and 131, Thallium-201, Florine-18, Indium-111, Xenon-133...

Nuclear Engineering - Control of mechanical equipment, isolator systems, R&D developments, materials handling and storage facilities for nuclear applications.

For these demanding applications Solcom supplies bespoke SIL rated electrical and control systems. The applications include, all types of pharmaceutical isolators, process plant, jobbing machines, trolley systems, conveyors, machine vision, sampling and measurement equipment.