Solcom excels
  where Science,
& IT meet

About us

Founded in 1998, Solcom has built its business on unique, innovative and pragmatic solutions for the most complex of problems arising in the process industries. Solcom is proud of its inter-disciplinary team whose combined knowledge and experience enables Solcom to excel at the interface of science, engineering and IT.

We talk science over a diverse range of topics such as radioactivity measurement, genetic test data interpretation, laboratory automation, chemical / biological R&D laboratory processes, workflow and data management etc.

We talk engineering in areas such as manufacturing process improvement, asset optimization, instrumentation & control, concept development, prototyping, tracking & labelling systems, compliance & validation, GMP, GAMP5, technical risk assessment, incremental system replacement, inventory tracking, process simulation, automated test engineering etc.

We talk IT over the full range of systems including Microsoft / Oracle / Unix / Java / IOS / Android / PLC Ladder Logic development, instrumentation and control, vision systems, barcode / RFID, commercial systems interfacing, centralized batch data control, 21 CFR Part 11 etc.

Solcom has created a software toolkit, developed the Solcom project management process and built a GAMP5 based Solcom quality system so that products and projects are delivered on time and on budget. Solcom’s skills have been honed in numerous applications and projects delivered to the demanding oil industry working in the harsh North Sea conditions and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries conforming to the strictest validation requirements.

Solcom has developed a unique quality system that builds on Solcom’s proprietary customer communication and inter-action approach. We take great care in understanding what the customer technical and commercial requirements are. We help the customer with various proprietary visualization techniques to decide what the solution should deliver before any actual code is written.

The Solcom quality system is not only built on the latest demands of ISO9001:2015 but incorporates the Good Automated Manufacturing Principles (GAMP5). This quality approach is in the core of our delivery and provides value and quality to our customers, independent on the industry.

Solcom has also developed a ground-breaking cloud-based software service, Whzan© for telehealth monitoring people in their homes and care homes.
Visit the Whzan© website at