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Remote Health Monitoring - Solcom applied its industrial and cloud systems experience to create a unique remote health monitoring solution - Whzan Telehealth.

Using off the shelf products with Solcom's telehealth application we have created a very cost effective way to monitor patients in their home environments.

This tablet based system was developed in conjunction with the NHS and provides the clinician a real time triaged view of the patients in their care.

Clinicians use the system to target care where most needed and detect patient problems much earlier. Patients really get to like the system as it helps them control their disease and provides reassurance that they are still being monitored whereever they are. As a result, the savings reported by the NHS monitoring a controlled group was a 58% reduction in out of hours services and 10% less ambulance calls. The service savings made on some of the more extreme patients have been estimated by the NHS to be as much as £5,000 per month.

Independent patient surveys report unanimous liking for the system with patients finding it easy to use and reassuring. The portability of the equipment permits patient travel and there is building evidence to support extended lifespan due to the better control of chronic conditions.

The system is for both single and multi patient monitoring and in use in a wide variety of applications such as chronic conditions, care homes, post operative and maternity. The system lends itself to other applications and can be fully customised as required.

The system has it's own website at