Industries - Biotechnology

The mapping of the human genome has provided the biotechnology sector a vast source of development opportunities from using genetic information to identify the correct therapeutics to targeting genes or particular sequences with cancer fighting molecules.

Solcom’s knowledge of databases and laboratory equipment coupled with an understanding of chemistry and biology has permitted Solcom to develop IT solutions to support the discovery work and related data management. For the laboratory, we have a workflow management package that can schedule projects across equipment and human resources on multiple locations.

Solcom has developed substantial databases of genetic information providing extensive assay-specific reporting driven by a number of automated and complex rules. Solcom has extensive knowledge of statistical methods and the requirements of scientific experimentation.

Solcom has vast experience of developing systems to handle hazardous, corrosive and radioactive materials. We can help you to introduce bar-coding, automated scanning, RFID and robotics into your discovery and production processes to improve efficiency and accuracy.